Debt restructuring despite Credit bureau.

Debt restructuring despite Credit bureau is either not possible or only possible under difficult conditions. Anyone who has serious negative Credit bureau entries and has already had to take the affidavit does not meet the requirements to receive a German bank or savings bank loan.

It is not clear whether a foreign loan is possible in this situation. This depends not least on the question of whether there is a regular income and whether part of it is attached.

Requirements for lending

Requirements for lending

If you want to reschedule or take out a loan for consumption purposes, you have to meet certain requirements. This includes a good credit rating, which is given in particular by the fact that there is a fixed and sufficiently high income. If the lender is a German bank, savings bank or Agreebank, it is imperative that the Credit bureau information is in order. In contrast, many foreign banks do not provide Credit bureau information and will only request it in the rarest of cases.

Specifically, this means that you don’t need to know anything about the affidavit. Debt restructuring despite Credit bureau would in principle be possible as long as the other credit requirements are met. The foreign lender will inform you of these on request. Separate regulations apply to private lenders. You basically decide for yourself who you want to grant a loan and under what circumstances a debt rescheduling would be possible despite Credit bureau .

Alternatives to debt restructuring

Alternatives to debt restructuring

An affidavit is a sure sign that the debtor is penniless and that various attempts at attachment by the creditors have been unsuccessful. This is a very bad prerequisite for taking out a new loan and thus entering into new financial commitments. All affected people should therefore seriously consider whether debt restructuring despite Credit bureau is really the only way out.

In the vast majority of cases, it would be more advisable to increase income and reduce expenditure in order to repay old debts. Those who do not see themselves in the position to do so should not be afraid to seek the help of a reputable, free and state-recognized debt counseling center.

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